Tell-tale signs your ex wants you back

Let’s face it. Everyone will have their fair share of unsuccessful dating relationships. That’s just how things are. But sometimes, when one thinks themselves to be “free” or to have “moved on”, their used-to-be significant someone suddenly reaches out and brings back memories of past joy, and in most cases, past pain. Question is, do they really want you back? Here are a few tell-tale signs that an ex might have realized just how valuable the lost relationship really was:

1. Drunk Texting – “Hi.,,,, wheerre art yiiuu?’

A fair amount of alcohol takes away inhibitions. That being said, an inhibition free drunk ex is capable of putting aside their pride. Something they would hardly ever do sober. Drunk texting/calling is like a declaration that they haven’t moved on, that past companionship is something they badly need back in their lives. This is true especially for those who pretend to be drunk texting just to get attention.

2. They frequent personal favorite spots.

There should be a number places close to the heart, like a favorite restaurant,or maybe even a weekend bar where close friends hangout. If an ex frequently hangs out at your personal havens, then most likely, that ex is wanting to reminisce and relive past emotion, even if it’s just pretending. Your favorite spots are good reminders of what was, and what was lost.

3. They bug close friends and family

A best bud shares that an ex incessantly keeps on asking how you are, and what you’ve been up to lately. Well, the incessant factor here is a very clear sign. That ex wants to know if the “one that got away” had moved on and if there would still be a chance at rekindling an old flame.

4. Apologetic posts on social media.

This one is a no brainer. It isn’t just a sign of regret but an acceptance of necessity. When this happens, it isn’t just about being wanted back anymore, it;s about being needed. When an ex turns to social media for expressing apologies, they must be spiraling in regret.They have nowhere else to run but to just shout out to the internet how bad they messed-up, hoping that the one they did not have the courage to say the words directly to would somehow come across this declaration of regret and apology.

5. “Can we talk?”

This question does not come up very often, but when it does, get ready for a real heart to heart conversation.This only happens when an ex finally swallows his/her pride and decides that the moments shared in the past is worth giving another shot. These kinds of conversations usually start with talking about and clearing up the mistakes made in the past and ends with wanting to start over.

Being shown these hero instinct secret signals are cries for help. Being wanted or perhaps even needed back in someone’s life can be very ego-boosting. Make sure to not get carried away by the feeling of being needed. Remember, there is a reason that he/she is an ex. Before choosing to respond to these “signs”, be sure that getting back together is on your mind as well.