Benefits of Yoga for Insomnia patients

A large number of people suffer from insomnia, a sleeping condition where an individual finds it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. The disease is caused by physical factors as well as physiological factors. Though there are various types of medication given to insomnia patients e.g. Antidepressants, some of them may have side effects. Individuals have therefore been forced to turn to natural means of dealing with insomnia. One way, is through practicing Yoga.

Yoga is a Hindu practice in which breath control and various body postures are used for health and relaxation purposes. Yoga can be practiced any time of the day. In our case of insomnia patients, practicing Yoga in the evening during bedtime helps induce sleep. The adoption of various body postures can be quite beneficial. The following are some of these postures.

Savasana– This involves lying still. One lies his your back with your width- shoulder apart and your arms in a neutral palms-up position by your sides. One can close his/ her eyes while listening to some soothing music and focusing on their breath. It improves the minds ability to process thoughts and increases concentration levels.

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)- It involves lying on your back, the bringing your knees close to your chest. Place your arms flat on the floor, palms as well. Push with your arms and bend your spine in order to bring your legs into a straight position. In case the stand is too tiring, one can simply support his legs by placing them against the wall. This posture stimulates the thyroid gland thus helps in the circulation of blood in the neck, chest, shoulder and head. This helps improve sleep.

Sukhasana (seated forward bend)- Involves sitting down with your legs straight. One should sit as straight as possible. Dive forward while ensuring that your back remains as straight as possible. In case you feel a mild stretch on your legs, then it means you have you reached your limit. In patients who lack sleep due to digestion issues, this posture can help correct that. It helps provide a soothing effect to the whole body, thus promoting sleep.

Halasana (plow pose)- Basically involves curving your legs over your head till you toes touch the ground . This posture helps reduce tension and relaxes the body. It helps increase blood flow to the brain and mind.

Supta Matsyendrasana (spinal twist)- Involves lying on your back while folding your knee towards your chest. Extend your right arm out while turning your head right. This helps stretch and relax the spine and nerves.

Supta Baddha konasana (Reclining Butterfly)- Involves putting your feet soles together, and letting your knees fall gently to the sides. This helps relieve mild depression hence improving sleep.For maximum results, individual are advised to practice yoga on yoga mats.

If practiced in the right way, yoga is bound to resolve your sleeping problem thus creating a healthier life. Continue by clicking the link to read the yoga program review.